Our history

The start of  DELVANO N.V. (Public Limited Cy.)  goes back to the founding of a sole proprietorship company by Mr Paul Vanlerberghe father of our actual general director manager Carlos Vanlerberghe. Initially Mr Paul Vanlerberghe had a contract business towards farmers. After not finding on the market a crop sprayer that satisfied him completely,  he started building together with his co-workers during the calmer winter months a satisfying sprayer. Their special focus was on building a stable automated spraying boom. It resulted in a self-propelled sprayer with a pneumatically driven spray boom but this evolved quickly towards a hydraulic driven  spray boom.

This development raised the interest of fellow contract business colleagues who quickly placed  orders for similar machinery.  
In 1964 the contractor company Vanlerberghe built a construction workshop to satisfy the growing demand. The contracting business was stopped as to dedicate the efforts exclusively towards the construction of sprayers.

In 1966  DELVANO PVBA (Private Limited Cy.)  was founded. The obtained practical experience resulted for  the sprayers DELVANO in a huge commercial success. The company had a constant growth, executive staff entered and interest came from neighbouring countries. Better yield and higher quality were constant goals resulting in the solid and good reputation in the farming sector for DELVANO.

Very quickly in that same year sales of trailed agricultural cranes started.

Because of the demand for bigger and self-propelled excavators for handling sugar beets  and dung, we became agent in 1970 of the brand Mengele. This provided us with a nice and complete range to satisfy the demand of our customers.

In 1978 the earth moving equipment machines of  Mengele was taken over by Faun, as well a German manufacturer of earth moving equipment machinery. The range extended to amongst other wheel loaders and  graders. (foto’s faun)

In 1988 the company  Faun fused with  O&K known as  Orenstein & Koppel and we became agent for the brand O&K.  Very quickly the  “ red “ excavators appeared by farmers and contractors since of their good lifting performances and German quality components.  O&K was as well the pioneer of the  “tripel” arm or divided boom and this was as well noticed by the building construction companies.

In 2000 the manufacturer O&K was absorbed in the FIAT group of which the New Holland Construction and Case Construction were part of.  From then onwards we became agent for Case Construction for our region under the at that time national importer Bestmat.

After more than 10 years a new importer for the Flemish region is indicated : the company Key -Tec in Moerbeke, this in the beginning of 2012.  Again we are agent for Case Construction for our region with amongst other a completely renewed range of earth moving equipment machinery satisfying the latest emission norms.


trailed crane


exhibition werktuigendagen in Tielt

wheeled excavator Mengele, distributor since 1970


crawler excavators Mengele, distributor since 1970


wheel loader Faun, distributor since 1978


wheeled excavator Faun, distributor since 1978


wheeled excavator O&K, distributor since 1988


wheeled excavator O&K with tripel arm


crawler excavator Case, distributor since 2000


crawler excavator Case with latest emission norms